Save Money

I wanted to detail some of the things I've done to save myself money. These have been very helpful to me. The idea is all about marginal gains. This means that you don't have to try and cut out huge expenses, but rather small ones at a time and they will eventually add up to a big number. 

The following are things that have helped me save money:

Money Saving Apps:
I found these apps to be very helpful in saving money on purchases

Ibotta - Save money on your groceries/every day items (Best deals are if you are buying beer/wine)

SavingStar - Save money on your groceries/every day items

Ebates - Cash back on almost anything you buy online or through your phone (Install the add-on to your web browser too) Get $10 for joining

Drop - An app that rewards you for spending at certain stores automatically

Join Free Loyalty Rewards Programs:
Many companies/restaurants/stores have loyalty programs that give you points and valuable discounts from time to time. They also give you free stuff on your birthday. I probably received about $100 worth of free stuff on my birthday last year.


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