My Goals

My overall goal is to build enough dividend income that will exceed my spending. I would like to achieve this by the time I'm 40, but hope I can achieve it much sooner. 

Right now I would need that number to be in the $30k-$40k ball park. At current calculations I have myself reaching $30k around age 40. However, I did not include my 401k, my non-dividend stocks, and my acorns account. Right now I have about $80k in these additional investments. If I can grow this number to around $200k by the time I'm 40 then I can redeploy it into dividend growth funds and exceed that $30k mark. 

Below is a table I developed to show my future dividends. The yield is based on original cost and assumes a small dividend growth per year. I did not add any principal growth to the balance in the first column and that is why I used yield on cost.


As you can see the snowball of compounding really starts to take effect. Now I Like to under estimate when it comes to how much I can save in order to not get my hopes up. If I can increase my savings per year I should be able to achieve these numbers much sooner. 

2018 Goals:
Achieve over $4,000 in dividends

2017 Goals:
Achieve over $2,800 in dividends (Success!)


  1. So this year you're investing 2361 per month and next year you'll invest 2458 per month and so on and so forth?

    1. I would like to be able to do that yes. That table is simply dividing 25,000 + 3,300 / 12 months. I've run into some unexpected expenses so I've started off slow this year, but hoping to get at least 2k+ invested each month.