Below is my portfolio and it will be updated at the end of each month. I don't have a good name for it yet, but I will think of one! It has taken me almost 4 years to build this portfolio and I'm very proud of the results.

In order to achieve this portfolio I had to decrease my expenses and really focus on consistently investing in the market. It contains some of the best businesses in the world. Almost all of the companies I have invested in have continually raised their dividends each year.

Without further ado, here is my portfolio!

I keep track of many other stats as well, but wanted to keep it simple on here. If I invest in a company on separate occasions then I make a second entry to keep the buys separate on my spreadsheet.

Here is the link to my full spreadsheet I use: Stock Spreadsheet

My dividend stock portfolio is currently worth $110,695.23 as of February 28th, 2018

My portfolio is expected to generate over $3,700 in dividend income this year.

These numbers will constantly change and I will update them at the end of every month.

In addition to my dividend stocks I also have some non-dividend stocks that I purchased for growth reasons. 


These additional stocks account for $39,672.27 as of January 31st, 2018

I plan to add a little to some of these holdings through partial shares. I have an account on stockpile where I can invest $100-200 a month into these companies. When I'm near financial independence I will start selling these stocks and then move them into dividend growth stocks.

Additional Accounts:
Acorns Investing: $2,113.99
Roth 401k: $38,424.94
Stockpile: $250.05
Checking: $4,400
HSA: $95.00

Total: $45,303.98

Total Net Worth: $195,651.48 as of February 28th, 2018

Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Hi FireBy40

    A very good looking portfolio, which will certainly in the future to generate increased dividend income.


    1. Hey DH!

      Thanks for the comment, looking forward to see the dividends continue to grow.

      It will be interesting to see if any of the non-growth dividend stocks start paying dividends before I look to sell them and move them into dividend payers.

      Right now they are tremendous growth stocks that I don't mind holding.

      Best of luck!

  2. Do you always have your dividends automatically reinvested? Or would you use the money to buys shares of one company?

    1. I don't reinvest my dividends automatically. I collect them as cash dividends and then choose to invest them on my own. It could be that I buy stock in the same company at a better price or I find a different company that I find attractively valued.

  3. Do you work for FB? Your portfolio is heavily invested in it. And the cost basis! Almost like stock options.

    1. Hey Dividendgeek!

      No I don't work for FB and yes I'm heavily invested. I was in college when I saw FB fall from 45 to 18 and my dad suggested I pick up some shares. I put in 2k back then and couldn't be happier. I've listened to a lot of their earnings reports and it was the reason I bought another large chunk at $53. Since then I've been buying partial shares through stockpile to pick up another 17 shares which puts me at an even 200. I'm not sure if I'll buy anymore at this point and eventually it won't be as big of a piece of my portfolio.

      As I get older I will consider selling off to reinvest in dividend growth stocks. I honestly think FB could be $500 a share one day and may hold for at least another 5-10 years.

      Its hard to watch these non-growth stocks worth 40k sit there and not pay dividends, but I think their growth potential is enormous. It would be great if they paid dividends in the near future!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Best of luck!

    2. I wouldn't worry too much about the growth stocks not paying dividends...you are still young and can appreciate years of huge capital growth/higher risk. Once you get a bit older you can swap some of those big gains for solid dividend companies...
      The key is total return - only REALLY Need to focus on income as you get closer to retirement.

    3. Yes for sure! I think these companies have tremendous growth opportunity and staying power. It will be interesting to see where they go especially being at the forefront of artificial intelligence. I'm holding for the long term and will consider selling small amounts as I get closer to that magic number of retirement.

      Best of luck!

  4. You are so smart to have a non-dividend portfolio. Too many "must owns" that don't pay dividends. Wells done. But, hey - no BABA or TWTR? Love the others.

    1. Exactly, they also have the potential to pay dividends in the future. Twitter and Alibaba are on my list, but I haven't had as much capital lately to buy yet. I use stockpile to buy partial shares to make it easier and I will likely add to those in the future. I'm not sure twitter is the best stock, but it definitely has staying power as of now.

      Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!

    2. You should sell a covered call on half your FB shares. You could sell 1 July 20 Call at $200. It will pay you a premium of about $620 for doing it. If FB is above $200 on July 20, you will sell 100 shares of FB for $200/share (and keep your premium) and retain your other 100 shares. If FB is trading below $200, you will keep your shares and keep the premium. Its a nice way to get paid for your share while you own them. I'm currently selling TWTR covered calls.

    3. Its not a bad idea, but I really think FB has staying power and could go well above $200 in the future. They have several apps that have over a billion downloads and the amount of data they have in terms of personal data and photo data is incredible. They are also doing well with marketplace and are starting a job finder through FB as well. Instagram is an incredible app for the younger generation and they just recently started monetizing that