Thursday, February 1, 2018

Portfolio Update - January 2018

This is the first post in a series I'm starting that will track my portfolio from month to month. I will update my portfolio page and I will add a post detailing the prior month. 

January was a fantastic month for investors across the board. It was my best month ever in terms of market appreciation. Its incredible to see this type of appreciation. While this not to be expected every month, it just goes to show you the power of investing.

February may be a light month in terms of investing. I have some large expenses coming up and I may have trouble getting any money into the market. I also want to build up my checking account a little in case of emergencies. I've kept it fairly low (<$4k) for quite some time and I'm trying to build it up a little higher.

This month however I was able to purchases shares in two different companies to add to my dividend income. 

On January 9th I was able to purchase 26 shares of Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN) at $38.80 a share. I've wanted to own a piece of this company for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. This will add around $63 in yearly dividend income. 

The following day on January 10th, I was able to purchase 8 shares of Kimberly-Clark Corp (KMB) at $114.40 a share. I saw some recent weakness in the share price and decided to add more of this incredible company. This company sells essential goods across the world and they have increased their dividend for 46 years in a row! This will add $32 in yearly dividend income. 

This month I was able to add nearly $100 in yearly dividend income!

Overall my net worth increased $11,799.33 from $191,379.67 to $203,179.01

This was my best month ever by almost $2,000! Its truly amazing to see not only the power of dividend growth investing, but investing in general. 

I will update the portfolio page with the updated values as of January 31st, 2018. 

Let me know what you guys think! How did you guys do this month?


  1. Looks like a great month - congratulations!
    That is a huge bump in your networth over a 1 month period too!

    1. Thanks! Yes, January was an incredible month! Probably won't see another month like that anytime soon though!

  2. First time here MD. Congrats on the purchases and the overall increase in your net worth. That's something I recently started to track using Personal Capital, but haven't made the decision to publicly post it yet. Finally, congrats on getting your best month ever!

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by! I've been tracking my net worth for awhile now and I've found it incredibly useful. It really pushes you to try and invest and save as much as you can. Its also good to know where you stand across all accounts.

      I've been keeping track on a spreadsheet, but will start using personal capital as well.

      It looks like your portfolio is a little younger than mine, but nevertheless a very strong collection of dividend stocks. Give it time and you will be rewarded!

      Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!